Not Scared
September 13th, 2008

Not Scared

He’s not scared, just semi-terrorfied, that’s all!

Just a quick question, what do you, as a comic reader, think of the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule? Is it confusing? Or do you like that rather untraditional updating schedule?


  1. Tony

    I think the scheduling works just fine. I always check those days to read the newest page you’ve uploaded. That is my opinion anyway. What do you mean anyway about untraditional scheduling? Do you mean like how your doing it now, or if you uploaded whenever you wanted?

    I love how Maggot thought falling off the bed is silly. Just wait, I’m sure he’ll come to be much more entertaining to her as the story progresses! I’m already really begining to love your characters Meghan, and the story has only just started! Keep up the awesome work!

    Also, I have to talk to you about something, so I will be sending you a message over DA as a note. Don’t worry, nothing major, I just need to talk about an idea I have, and it’s not a rush thing, so you can read it whenever you get a free moment. I’ll be sending it probably tonight on the night shift at work.(9/13 or 9/14, depending on what time I said it!) Again, read it when you have a free moment, I know you just returned to SCAD so it will be a madhouse for you. lol!

    Anyway, I should wrap this up! lol! Love how you draw Maggots eyes, never gets old! Sorry I wrote to much! lol!

    -Tony “The Freakin Rican”!

  2. WhiteKatsu

    I like updates on Saturday, I always check most of my webcomics, even on the weekend and nothing updates, so I feel silly.

    I like the weekend updates! Gives me something to look for.

  3. Meggyc

    Tony - Thanks! By untraditional update schedule, I am referring to Monday/Tuesday/Thursday updates as opposed to Monday/Wednesday/Friday updates… Which is more common in webcomics.

    WK - Thanks for the input! I often feel the same way about looking for updates on the weekends when there are none.

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