Ready Or Not
January 13th, 2014

Ready Or Not

You know that feeling? That feeling where you’re to afraid to leave your home because you feel like you’re forgetting something important?  Like to turn the oven off or to  or to put on your pants. That’s sort of part of why the comic has been delayed. So rather than continue to curl up in a corner and avoid what needs to be done, I’m just going to post this. Sorry for making everyone wait, and I thank all who have stuck around.


  1. Not Anonymous

    oh thank god, finally! I’ve been waiting forever, checking this comic every 2 days, and most of the time the only thing I get is disappointment. thank you for letting us know that this isn’t dead yet :D

    (also, I almost always lurk, so it’s very, VERY rare that I come out of the shadows, but something like this can be an exception)

  2. Superlogan7437

    So…Jared and Harper….will the two ever….

    ….Be a thing?

  3. DktrAgonizer

    Heeey, nice to see the comic back! I was hoping it’d pop up in my RSS reader sooner or later. :P

    Hope things’ve been okay. Looking forward to more update!

  4. AndyW

    @Superlogan7437 - Nooo! Jared an Maggot! Seriously, can you actually see nervous Jared and intense Harper being *happy* together? He’d infuriate her and she’d intimidate and worry him. Maybe (just maybe) Maggot would help Jared to learn to stop worrying so much and even smile from time to time :)

    Meghan, so sorry to hear things haven’t been great. Thanks for the page, it was great seeing Maggot’s happy smile again :)

  5. Meggyc

    Not Anonymous - I appreciate you coming out of the shadows for the occasion, and I’m sorry to make you wait like that! Also, I do not intend for this to become a dead comic. Not until it’s finished, anyway. Life may get in the way, but I have every intention of finishing this comic.

    Superlogan7437 - I’m not really the best for writing romances., so don’t hold your breath too much in that department. But they are both very special to each other. Harper keeps Jared grounded in reality and Harper is able to let her guard down and tell Jared things that I don’t think she would be comfortable telling other people.

    DktrAgonizer - Following RSS feeds is such a good idea. XD

    AndyW - Maggot and Jared’s relationship is purely platonic. Saying they’re the best of friends doesn’t do it justice. They’re more like family. Also, Maggot is quite a lot younger than Jared is.
    And at least in the way of friendships, I think that once one gets to know her, Harper is actually a really good friend to have. She’s that person who would really fight for her friends (both literally and figuratively) if she believed they were being wronged. She’s the kind of person you would want to have around if someone were trying to give you a bad deal on a car. How that translates to personal compatibility, I don’t know, but her heart is in the right place.

    Thanks, everyone! Your support and words of encouragement really mean alot to me.

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