A Bunch Of Tag Alongs
March 11th, 2013

A Bunch Of Tag Alongs

Just as a heads up, April will probably be an inactive month for me. I’ve been having trouble putting my ideas to paper lately, and I don’t want the comic to suffer for it, in writing or art quality.


  1. Shadow

    @Meggyc: Take all the time you need, We’ll still be here when you’re ready :)
    @Comic: of course she cant come, she needs to take care of the sto- oh wait..

  2. whitekatsu

    Don’t worry about a little hiatus! Everyone needs a break and you’ve held a steady update for so long I think you deserve it. :)
    (Yea, I’ve been reading it all this time, I’m just a quiet person, sorry.)

  3. Zidders Roofurry

    Meg. you’re awesome please take your time. I hope things work out for you, your health and well being is paramount.

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