October 18th, 2012


Well… It is still Thursday here and the comic’s finally up.

Looking at the background here, you can probably gather that it hasn’t really snowed that much. It is enough to make a frogoblim pretty miserable though.


  1. Pan

    But if he decides to be a frogoblim, who will take care of his grandma?

  2. jmaf

    ^ Interesting thought. Maybe they could turn grandma into a frogoblim as well? jk :)

  3. Pacmanite

    “I don’t want to be human if it makes you suffer”

  4. Meggyc

    LOL. XD

    The problem is, if something were to happen to Maggot, there would be nothing to keep Jared human. Under these conditions, it’s really hurting her to use her energy in such a way. So it’s not really a matter of deciding to stay human or not. If he doesn’t do anything, Maggot could potentially die and Jared would be stuck as a frogoblim anyway.

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