October 15th, 2012


10/17/12 update: In a rather last minute decision, I have decided to redraw one of the panels on Thursday’s (Oct. 18th’s) page. It will be delayed by at least a few hours. Thanks for your patience, all!

This is one of those pages that really threw me off. I had to redraw certain things several times before I was at a point I could be happy with it.

Sarcasm probably isn’t the best thing to use in a visual/written medium, but Harper’s statement in panel six is pure sarcasm. I just wanted to point that out before anyone wonders why she’s being so mean.  That’s just her way of coping stress. She wouldn’t punch Jared and she’s quite concerned about him.


  1. jmaf

    lol! I love how Harper’s dad lightened up the mood for a few frames in between much tension.

  2. KC

    Aaaaaawwww those Jared eyes! <3

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