Cold Awakening
October 7th, 2012

Cold Awakening

I’m back! Still not quite in the regular swing of things, but I’m trying! In gratitude for everyone sticking with me while I took a bit of time off, I offer you this early… late…. early-late update.

I just want to point out, yes, I know Jared was wearing different clothing before he transformed. There’s a reason for the wardrobe change, but if I explained it in full right now, my head would explode. It is related to Maggot’s subliminal power over reality.


  1. Dragonizer

    Glad to see you back!

    As for the clothes thing, I just figured it was simply because those were the clothes he was wearing when he first found Maggot.
    Or maybe you just wanted to draw him in that ridiculous shorts-over-jeans combo, hmm? ;P

  2. Shadow

    Welcome back~ I hope you enjoyed your break, and feel refreshed :)

  3. KC

    I like Jared on this page.

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