August 23rd, 2012


The best way I can explain this page is that she teleported between panel one and panel three. It’s not a 180-degree rule mistake. She just has her own way of moving. In that way alone she’s more intimidating than talking to the stationary statue.

It was so weird drawing these past few pages and having Jared go from human to frogoblim to human to frogoblim.


  1. Shadow

    *been awhile since I posted* ouch.. being called a Parasite must hurt :/

  2. me

    so confusseding!

  3. Dragonizer

    It’s okay, Jared. If you are a parasite, you’re the best one we know! Or something like that.

  4. Pacmanite

    A p-p-p-parasite? Harsh, bro! D:

  5. AlexRakune

    Is this version of parasite synonymous with vermin or more along the lines of what a tick might be?

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