Question For Jared
August 20th, 2012

Question For Jared

If I didn’t like the color green as much as I do, this page would be a nightmare.

Yes, this is the same character from the photograph.

The Guardian’s humanoid form presents some interesting issues in all aspects of her design, including drawing, coloring and even writing. This character, like Frogoblims, is not of this reality. She is meant to be a ghostly, etherial being and she is capable of moving in such a way that might not always make sense. Her cape, for example, moves independently of her environment. Coloring presented it’s own conundrum. She’s otherworldly, but her colors must be tied in with the colors of the island. And by making her colors so similar to the island, she blends into the background.

It’s also worth noting that her voice or way of speaking doesn’t change all that much from form to form… At least not presently.


  1. Dragonizer

    Oooo! Very interesting. Wonder what all this is about.

    Jared, clearly, is just a boy with a strange fashion sense. :P

  2. jmaf

    I was rereading parts of your comic the other day and I noticed how the “webcomic experience” works to your advantage. I had honestly forgotten about this woman until you linked that page with the picture. The way you were able to divert from that mystery and finally tie it up on this page is really impressive. It’s like the “asdjsadjs!” realization you get when watching good films (really at a loss for words in describing this). Great work Meggy, I love how it’s unfolding so far! Still waiting for other mysteries to resurface, especially the gauntlet.

  3. Meggyc

    Dragonizer - I really can’t explain Jared’s fashion sense. XD

    jmaf - Thank you! One of the unfortunate disadvantages of web-comics versus print is what you mentioned. If it were in print, that character would still be fresh in the readers’ minds, so sometimes it’s necessary to remind the reader. In this case, I’d say especially so since she has only appeared in one page prior in grayscale. I promise that other mysteries, such as the gauntlet will resurface and play a role in the future.

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