Talking Statue
August 16th, 2012

Talking Statue

Yes. That’s a talking statue. Sort of. Kind of. You’ll see.

I’m struggling to find something to say about this page. I mean, what do you say about a talking statue?


  1. jmaf

    I was just looking at the very old page with the same environment this morning. and when I saw the statue “reappear”, I thought I typed the wrong url not knowing it was a totally different page. Nice to see this place again, it’s my favorite in your comic. I like stone gargoyle-like things covered in moss XD

  2. Meggyc

    Thanks! This page is very much like the second page. It kinda makes me feel nostalgic.

    This is really one of my favorite comic settings as well. It’s just so green!

  3. Rick-O

    … and so I had to listen to “The Statue Got Me High” again …

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