Tropical Bubble
July 25th, 2012

Tropical Bubble

I couldn’t wait! I just had to post this early.

Panel two is a bit of a backwards version of a daydream I had the last time I saw snow a few years ago. As the snow melted more and more every day, I thought to myself about how fantastic (impractical, yes, but nevertheless fantastic) it would be if, somewhere, deep in the woods there was a patch of never melting snow that would be there even in the heat of the summertime. Actually, that sounds especially nice to me right now.

Of course, this situation is flipped and a different circumstance altogether.

At any rate… Tropical snow globe!


  1. KC

    LOL thats awesome! XD

  2. Shadow

    so cool :o

  3. Aexxys


    ( What a neat idea, by the way. O: )

  4. reynard61

    “We’re havin’ a heat wave, a tropical heat wave…”

    I guess Maggot doesn’t need that snowsuit after all.

    (But Jared might need one if he can’t replicate that ability…)

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