Not A Complete Coward
August 21st, 2008

Not A Complete Coward

Courage: doing something stupid, for a good reason, that you know you will regret later, with good reason.

On another note, I had fun with that third panel. I was going to flip it, out of concern that it was leading the eye the wrong way, but I’m really not too concerned with it. Subtle hints in the movement are enough to direct the panel in the correct way.


  1. Cooks

    Oh man, your comic is fun. :D I love the effort you put into the backgrounds–it really does set up the atmosphere. The third panel’s great too! Keep it up.

  2. Meggyc

    Thanks, Cooks! I’m glad you enjoy the backgrounds. I think it’s really important to establish an environment in any comic.

  3. Shadsie

    I found the comic via DA… and all I can say is wow, you’ve come along nicely in your skills! This looks professional - if it hasn’t gone the paid route already. I really like the last panel. “Leave her alone! Uh… please?” That’s so adorable!

    The quote on courage makes me feel like I have a little of it - because, boy, have I done stupid things that I felt at the time were “right,” and boy, oh boy, have I paid.

  4. Meggyc

    Thank you, Shadsie! I really apprecieate your comment. I’m not being paid to make comics, though I am trying to maintain an as professional as possible work ethic as far as my comic is concerned.

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