A Strong Dislike For Snakes
August 18th, 2008

A Strong Dislike For Snakes

I personally love snakes, and don’t like portraying them as villains. Snakes are not evil creatures and people really give them a bad reputation. Though there defiantly seems to be some sort of primal fear of snakes and spiders etched into most peoples minds… And this is probably why they do make such effective monsters. Even as much as I love snakes, I think would stay away from this one. That’s a big snake! Big enough to eat someone my size at least.


  1. Jammer Lea

    Drama! I’d stay away from that snake too.

    Any reason why you’re not using any sound effects? I think they would enhance scenes like this, especially where Maggot is biting the snake.

  2. Meggyc

    I do write some sound effects. But they look weird and out of place. I know that’s not a reason to ignore them completely, but that’s not my intention. I guess they slipped my mind. I think there are some sound effects in a page that’s coming up soon though. And I really am trying to do more sound effects, so pages further down the line should have them.

  3. Tony

    I love snakes! And I heard they are the easiest reptile pet to take care of! If my mom was not afraid of snakes, I would already have one right now! lol! Maybe when I’m on my own! lol!

  4. Meggyc

    Aww, don’t get a snake. They’re awesome, but they are wild animals that belong in the wild. It’s hard to tell the emotions of a cold-blooded reptile, but I just think they’re not as happy in captivity.

  5. Artemis

    I like snakes but we don’t have any here :(

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