Magic Blanket
May 14th, 2012

Magic Blanket


  1. tzologeist

    I invested in an electric blanket a couple years ago. Best money I ever spent.

  2. Shadow

    I actually don’t need a electric blanket, I had a T-shirt and jeans all winter (yes, it does snow here, I’m not in Florida XD) (although I had a coat) I adapt to the heat and cold VERY well :D when it’s hot (yets say its 30 degrees out) I feel only 15 degrees, or cold (say -30) I only feel -20 (I adapt to heat better then cold) so I’m very lucky ^^

  3. Meggyc

    I like comfortably textured blankets. Electric blankets aren’t usually very comfortable on their own, but they are nice and warm.

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