She Needs A Bell
January 26th, 2012

She Needs A Bell

No, Jared… Maggot does not need a bell.

Have you ever been somewhere and heard a constant squeaking noise, only to find that it’s a toddler wearing squeaking shoes? It’s both adorable and extraordinarily annoying. It’s cute for thirty seconds, but then it just turns into torture for your ears. This is what it would be like if Maggot wore a bell around her neck.


  1. Shadow

    I may not know much about Maggot’s race.. but if she had a bell on her neck, would it disappear with her? or would it float?

  2. Meggyc

    It would work the same way her neckerchief does. It would be visible only to those who can see Maggot. Coincidentally only those who could hear Maggot would be able to hear the bell.

  3. Shadow

    Makes sense, Isn’t magic fun? :P err..what I am assuming is magic (or at least “magic” like ability’s her race has)

  4. tzologeist

    We had a machine malfunction at work yesterday, and we couldn’t turn it off, so it had to stay that way…literally all day and into the following morning until it could be repaired, and all the while there was a beep every ten seconds. There were times when it was seriously torturous.

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