Hugs From Nanna
January 22nd, 2012

Hugs From Nanna

Jared is not so good at accepting hugs. This page was plagued by Photoshop crashes. ~_~

I feel like I’ve forgotten to do something to it, probably because I already did it.

And oh, hey…. This is up on on a Sunday and not Monday.


  1. tzologeist

    Are we ever going to get the scoop as to why he lives with his grandma?

  2. Shadow

    Because grandma’s are nice kind awesome people? who WOULDN’t want to live to their grandma?

  3. tzologeist

    Yeah, well, I would have liked that. My grandpa was a baker, and my Oma sure made a lot of delicious stuff. And hey, my avatar is showing up at long last! S’bout time.

  4. Meggyc

    tzologeist - I’m glad your avatar started showing up. Though I don’t know why it wasn’t working in the first place! And the answer to your question is, it will probably come up in the future.

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