Favorite Show
January 16th, 2012

Favorite Show

Apparently, fans that show call themselves Brokapi.


  1. MHPayne

    From one Brokapi to another!


  2. Shadow

    Maggot, your mood swings so much XD…A “Brokapi” huh? Never heard of them, I’m from a community of people who call themselves “Bronies” though, I’m guessing they are a lot alike?

  3. Meggyc

    MHPayne - Haha! Now that just tickles me!

    Shadow - This is my little way of parodying ponies and Saturday morning cartoons. If there is actually a brokapi fandom, I had no idea and the resemblence is coincidential. Though that would be somewhat amazing. XD

  4. reynard61

    As a Brony myself I would have no problem with watching FFO or becoming a Brokapi if such a show existed even if it were a parody. (I love parodies as long as they’re well done and stay at least somewhat true to their source material.)

  5. Shadow

    I don’t know if there is a “Brokapi” fandom, if there was that would actually be pretty cool XP

  6. Meggyc

    Fabulous Friendship Okapi is a mixture of tropes from 80s cartoons, specifically ones aimed at young children. For example, the okapi lives on a bubble gum coated cloud where it flies down to earth to help people solve their problems and spread friendship, happiness, and caring through the world, along with its friend, the Rainbow Buttermoth of Sharing.

    …Yeah… Be glad it doesn’t really exist.

  7. Random

    Rainbow Buttermoth of Sharing? Yeah, that sounds like something Maggot would like. Hopefully she doesn’t get ideas and try to replicate the bubble gum cloud.

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