Sudden Pillow Fight
January 9th, 2012

Sudden Pillow Fight

Note: You’ll most likely never win a pillow fight if you aren’t aware you’re in one. Always be vigilant!


  1. Aexxys

    Thank you for the pillow fight advice, there. I must remember to always keep a pillow in my back pocket, just in case. D8

    Furthermore, that’s definitely the best way to get rid of nasty cereal.

  2. Dragonizer

    She’s just looking out for ya, Jared.

  3. Shadow

    She looks so happy in the third panel :D Pillow Fights are always fun :P

  4. tzologeist

    Just because it’s a pillow, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Me and a friend of mine would get into some seriously epid pillow fights. I’d end up with bruises and stuff.

  5. Meggyc

    Aexxys - I wish I had a tiny pillow just so I could do that! And if more serious problems could be solved by smacking someone with a pillow, the would would be a softer, cuddlier place.

    Dragonizer - Yeah, that’s what friends are for!

    Shadow - Probably not so much fun if you’re losing.

    tzologeist - That’s true. I never really cared much for being KOed by pillows… or stuffed animals.

  6. Random

    Pillows–the perfect item to use when falling asleep–and when waking someone up ;)! Apparently also good for disposing of yucky cereal!

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