November 7th, 2011


“Hey. I found your robot. It’s being weird.”


  1. Shadow

    makes sense, seeing as hes half frogblin (?..i forgot the spelling DX) unless it actually is a broken piece of junk XD.. *gets scanned* ~Scan Complete~ ~Unidentified Life form Detected~ …i stand corrected /shot XD

  2. GBeans

    Maybe it’s scanning Jared’s shoes.

  3. Pacmanite

    GBeans - WIN! :) :)

    This is interesting, I still wonder what it really means for Jared to be half-frogoblim, but trying to act normal most of the time. Apparently a robot can notice the difference…

  4. Meggyc

    LOL! You all are awesome. XD
    GBeans - Of course! I guess the secret’s out now. *joking*

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