Sleepy Possum
October 31st, 2011

Sleepy Possum

Sorry this page was a few hours late. But it was so much fun to draw!


  1. Pacmanite

    Ahahahah possum. You’re only sleepy when it’s convenient for you.

    Ohwait that means Maggot’s going to unleash the wrath of the possum on Harper’s… dun dun dunn!

  2. Shadow

    XD.. my Possum friend Tye (the one i mentioned a few pages back) does this all the time, when ever he goes to sleep, he would wake up instantly for food (mainly pizza) XD

    on topic, why is that possum still so cute?! DX..i..want….the sleeping possum to be my avatar!! DX just to cute *head explodes from the cute*

  3. Dragonizer

    Baaaaw, look at how excited he is c:

  4. Meggyc

    Pacmanite - Unfortunately, any time Maggot says “Let’s go to Harper’s place!” that can easily be replaced with “Let’s go bother Harper!”

    Shadow - Aww… Pizza and possums. XD And thank you!

    Dragonizer - He’s ready to go!

  5. Shadow

    Could i use the sleeping possum as a avatar? :3

  6. Meggyc

    Shadow - I don’t mind as long as you give credit/link back wherever possible. ^^

  7. Shadow

    thanks ^^

  8. Foxx Trotter

    Mmmm…FOOD. :0)

    Meghan, don’t forget about updating your copyright banner although 2012 is right around the corner.

  9. Foxx Trotter

    It may also help if I had my addresses correct. :0P

  10. Meggyc

    Foxx Trotter - You’re right and thanks. I’ll update it soon.

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