The Statue
July 24th, 2008

The Statue

Truth be told, these early comics were drawn months ago. It’s hard to say now if I would have done any of these pages different now than I did then. This page stands out though as one of the few that doesn’t have a visible panel gutter. I really don’t think I would do that now.


  1. Jammer Lea

    That guardian is huge! Good foreshadowing too. :3

    Love Jared’s expression in that third panel.

  2. Shazzbaa

    This one’s kind of got a Phoenix Requiem thing going with the fading out bg of the first panel.

    David Malki! (the bearded guy from that webcomics panel at Heroes Con) recently had an interview ( where he mentioned:
    “But this is an area where I think someone starting a new webcomic might get tripped up. Again, I’m glad I did the comic for a few years in total obscurity. I’d already figured out my game and gotten into my groove by the time anybody started paying attention. If I’d had people emailing me after two weeks saying ‘this suxxxx’ I don’t know if it would have been quite as much fun. I don’t know if I should tell newcomers not to pay attention to criticism, but they should probably at least hold off posting their work until they’ve got thirty or forty episodes under their belt, so when they receive the inevitable ‘this suxxxx’ emails about episode #1, they’re in a place to look back and think, ‘I agree! The stuff I’m doing now is so much better.’”

    It made me think of you. XD

  3. sammich

    Awesome perspective. :3 I like it!! It’s looking good so far.

  4. Meggyc

    Thanks, everyone!

    Jammer - Thanks. I had fun drawing the statue.

    Shazz - That quote is my sentiment almost exactly. I would love constructive criticism. Everything helps! But I drew these so long ago (it seems) I have distanced myself from the work itself. In that way, I’m my own worst critic.

    sammich - Thanks, I’m happy with the perspective on this page.

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