October 10th, 2011


Frogoblims are sensitive to loud, unfamiliar noises. I guess that stems from having an extra set of ears.


  1. Shadow

    I saw this coming…..wait a minute…why does the vacuum look like a swor- *GASP* he IS Zollo! D: *Calls Luffy and tells him I found Zollo*

  2. Meggyc

    LOL! I actually modeled it after a vacuum cleaner I have.

    If it was a sword, poor Jared’s hands would be all sliced and diced right now. XD;

  3. Shadow

    not really, some swords have no guard, and appear to be just a handle and the blade (it would look like the common anime wooden katana), so if it was (i know its not) a sword, it could just be solid steel or something -ignore the sword fan who will forever now think Jared is secretly Zollo in his spare time-

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