Time To Clean Up
September 29th, 2011

Time To Clean Up

Time for 80s montage music! In some of the earliest comics I ever drew with these characters, Jared was cleaning and wearing a bandanna on his head. So this really goes back to that.


  1. KC

    LMAO he is a man with a mission!

    I am enjoying Raccoon! XD

  2. Meggyc

    The raccoon is a lie! XD

  3. reynard61

    @ Meggyc: That’s im-Possum-ble!

  4. Pacmanite

    Booh yeah. You whip that mop, Jared!

    I did a bit of cleaning at my workplace today. I don’t think the front counter has been cleaned since they bought it; the shelves underneath were black with muck. I even found mouse-holes and ancient mouse-droppings. But I have to say, it is so satisfying to get a clean workspace at the end of it. To see gleaming white surfaces where there was once a pseudo-leopard-pattern of grey-brown dust clumps, that was like the highlight of my work day.

    And I still haven’t finished going through all the shelves. <3 wheee by the end of this, I’m going to actually not be working in a pigsty. :D

    So I can totally relate to Jared stepping up to do a bit of serious cleaning. Bring it oonnnn..!!

  5. Shadow

    :o Jared is Zollo from one piece! XD

  6. Meggyc

    Shadow - LOL. Like Zorro… But with a mop. XD

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