To The Kitchen
September 22nd, 2011

To The Kitchen

As a heads up, the comic may be delayed on Monday but I expect it to be up by the afternoon/evening.


  1. Foxx Trotter

    Hmmm…I just noticed that Jared has socks (or slippers) on in the second panel and bare feet in the third panel.

  2. KC

    Oh man. Raccoon party I bet! I don’t think I want to see it! XD

  3. Meggyc

    Foxx Trotter - You’re right! Clearly, this must be the work of sock gnomes. Yes. Clearly. This has been corrected.

    KC - Really? I think a raccoon party would be adorable… as long as it’s not in MY house. XD

  4. Shadow

    i think a possum party is more logical than a raccoon party, but thats just my thoughts (oh the cuteness of a army of possums in the kitchen XD)

  5. Pacmanite

    But if Jared couldn’t find any food to eat before, except for gross microwavable packs of mush, what hope do the hungry possums have down there in the kitchen?

    Unless they found, like, a tub of sugar…

  6. Meggyc

    Shadow - I need to draw that now. XD

    Pacmanite - The kitchen is stocked normally. Jared just thought what he was going to eat would be better than it was.

  7. Shadow

    if you do draw that, i cant wait to see it :P

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