Not A Raccoon
September 15th, 2011

Not A Raccoon


  1. Pacmanite

    Maggot’s line in panel three made me crack up!

    I have a question - can Maggot “talk” to animals, like can they understand what she’s saying, or is this just a very smart and inquisitive and tolerant possum? Come to think of it… how did Maggot learn how to talk to Jared?

  2. Shadow

    those are actually some good questions, id like to know the answers as well :o *personally, i think the possum is just very smart and tolerant*

  3. Meggyc

    Those are really good questions! Maggot can’t really talk to animals, but she does have an understanding of them somewhat as they do with her. For example, she was able to communicate enough with the lizard from near the beginning of the comic to realize his girlfriend was missing. And yes, this is also a tolerant possum.

    Maggot being able to understand Jared is at least in part thanks to Maggot’s manipulation of reality. Jared is a special case anyway considering normal humans can’t see or hear her without aid.

  4. Pacmanite

    Ooh, thanks for the answers, it kinda makes sense now. And I guess Maggot would have a reality-manipulation thing going on when she talks to Harper through her glasses and earrings, too…

  5. Meggyc

    Harper’s glasses and earrings work as a sort of amplification and translation tool. Without them, she wouldn’t be able to see or hear Maggot. And she does not see Maggot in the same way that the viewer or Jared does. It’s more like looking at something with infra-red vision. She can barely (if even) make out her facial expressions.

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