A Misunderstanding
February 28th, 2011

A Misunderstanding

Everyone is probably going to be in serious need of therapy here.

Jared is mentally out to lunch, Maggot thinks Jared is dead and that she’s the cause of it, and Harper’s been having a weird time these past couple of days (in the story) dealing with it all.


  1. Wodahs50

    poor Maggot :( she looks really traumatized in panel 3.. :( I don’t think all the therapy in the world can help her right now :(

  2. SJ

    Don’t worry Maggot the only part of him that’s dead is his mind right now! Oh god when does he get his memory back?

  3. KC

    I want to add to the second panel: Steve!

    Poor Maggot, I have never seen her so sad. T^T

  4. Wodahs50

    *sneaks up out of the shadows and kidnaps KC before he/she(unsure) says: Steve! and causes awkwardness in the traumatizing moment* there will be no adding to this already sad and traumatizing moment T_T

  5. KC

    I take it you did not like the Cloudy with a chance of meatball movie? or you do not want me to add a silly joke? o n o?

  6. Wodahs50

    (adds comment even though a new page is up) i liked the movie, but i don’t think such a silly joke should be in a moment such as this that’s all :S

  7. KC


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