December 6th, 2010


I honestly just realized while coloring this page that Jared has a habit of placing his hand on his head or rubbing his fingers through his hair when he talks sometimes. I suppose I have noticed it before, but I never really realized how character exclusive that trait is when compared to my other characters. I’m not about to go and count all the times he does that, but it’s really a trait specific to him. He especially seems prone to do so when he talks to or about Harper.

Just as a heads up, I’ll probably take a week off from updates closer to Christmas.

This year has been a pretty crazy one for this comic. It might even be a good idea to look back in the archives to catch up and refresh on what’s going on in this current storyline.

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  1. Wodahs50

    I’ve noticed that as well, I think its good to have a Character exclusive trait for a main character

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