Scaredy Cat
November 1st, 2010

Scaredy Cat

Jumpy little fella, isn’t he?

This goes out to the small percentage of people who want to see more ‘possums in this comic.


  1. KC

    LOL mean old possum! XD

  2. Wodahs50

    i take a very slight amount of offense to of my best friends happens to be known as “The Possum” due to his lazy nature and using possum in all his user names and hes a great guy, ..who yes.. likes possums, so not ALL possums are bad, im not saying your saying possums are bad or anything, I’m just making a small point that there are good possums out there….*is interested to see the reactions to his post for some reason :S* Ps: sorry for the long post

  3. Foxx Trotter

    Don’t let the Beverly Hillbillies get him. It’ll be another possum dinner in the waiting.

    We actually have a possum who occasionally comes to our back porch at night and eats the cat food left for the outside cats.

  4. Meggyc

    Wodahs - Don’t take offense! I actually think of ‘possums quite fondly. I actually cared for an orphaned baby possum for a couple of months last year. I don’t think that ‘possums should be kept as pets, but I really do like them!

    I personally believe that possums get a terribly unjustified reputation for being nasty or mean when they really aren’t. Though I’m sure one could give you a nasty bite if provoked, they are more likely to do just what this one is doing in panel five and show off their teeth when frightened. And without scavengers like possums, our world would be filthy.

    Honestly, panel five is more or less representative of Jared’s mind blowing things out of proportion. I thought of it as ironic because I personally think of ‘possums as such timid creatures.

  5. Wodahs50

    Meggyc - well when you put it that way.. i take no offense, and i like your out look on possum kind ^^ also, it was nice of you to help that little possum in its time of need :)

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