Happy Fun Times
October 25th, 2010

Happy Fun Times

Weird fact: Panels two and three were drawn (mostly) with my left hand. So if you’ve ever wondered what I draw like with my left hand…. well, there it is.

One of the funny thing I’ve noticed about kid’s drawings is that most only tend to color in just a little bit of the sky in the top of the paper.


  1. Tony

    Drawing with the left hand was a great idea! It gave Maggot more character by showing how her mind’s imagination looked.

  2. reynard61

    So if Jared were human that’s what he’d look like? Makes me wonder what Maggot would look like if she were human.

    P.S. I actually joined the story a couple of months ago, but haven’t commented until now. I rather like this web comic and can’t wait to go through the archive one of these days.

  3. Meggyc

    Tony - Thanks!

    reynard61 - Thanks and I’m glad you enjoy what you’ve read so far! And since you haven’t gone through the archives I feel like I’m giving a huge spoiler, but Jared IS originally human. I have drawn Maggot as a human before, but I don’t think that will ever make it into the comic.

  4. Tony

    U should draw a picture of Maggot as a human anyway, that would be fun!

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