Off We Go
October 18th, 2010

Off We Go

Of course!


  1. Wodahs50

    knew maggot didn’t think he got amnesia XD

  2. Dragonizer

    Guess I shouldn’t have thought she would be THAT clever. XD

  3. Meggyc

    Maggot somewhat simple minded. That’s not to say she’s dumb, but her mind is like that of a small child*. She can be very perceptive, but usually gets details wrong… Sometimes spectacularly wrong.

    * = I’m not saying kids are dumb, either. =P

  4. Tony

    It’s ok Meghan, we all know kids are dumb, LOL!

  5. KC

    I agree with Tony. XD

  6. Sydney

    Second with KC and Tony. Haha

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