September 13th, 2010



  1. KC

    I hope Jared is OK.

  2. KC

    BTW I like the new Layout changes! They are nice! =3 Though the top banner hurts my eyes. ^_^;

  3. Meggyc

    Thanks, KC!

    What’s wrong with the top banner? Are the colors too loud? I was trying to replicate a real banner that I have for conventions, though the text is different.

  4. GBeans

    It’s very neon compared to anything else on the site, sadly. I think the punchy orange works, but the two greens you’re using are not a happy combination. Maybe try to use some of the colours already in this layout?

  5. Meggyc

    I didn’t even realize it. Wow, my eyes must be terrible!

    Anyway, it’s all a work in progress anyway. I’ve had an idea for a different theme for months that I really want to experiment with when I find the time to work on it.

  6. GBeans

    Sometimes it just takes a little outside perspective. Doesn’t mean you gotta bow to the whim of us squeaky wheels.
    I mean look how obnoxious my website colour-scheme is (and will keep). It’s like Tim Burton did little a poop on a napkin.

    On a side note, I’m doing Thought Bubble Con again this year, you want me to pimp your comic again this year? I still have the files. I’m only doing a handful of people I consider worth helping out this year. I tried to ask Shazzbaa the same thing but I can’t find any way of emailing her.

  7. GBeans

    …I could stand to say “this year” a few more times.

  8. Meggyc

    I’m glad to listen to constructive criticism. The header was designed in CorelDraw, so I was having problems with matching the color when I saved it as a .jpg. I had to go through a backwards way of saving it in the end, but I thought the colors were close enough when I originally put it up.

    And I really appreciate the offer! That’s a really nice thing for you to do!

    Perhaps you should try asking Shazzbaa through her comments part of her comic? (That is, if you haven’t already?)

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