June 3rd, 2010


*insert dramatic music*

Just one more day until Heroescon! Yay! I predict that I’ll be super exhausted by the time the weekend is over, but there will be a new comic up on Monday, even if it’s just in black and white. Actually, I’m about 80% through with the colors of the next page, so I should be in good shape. I just want to be prepared for anything.


  1. Pandora01

    Le gasp :o Was this whole comic just a dream? Xp

  2. Kat

    Good luck at Heroescon! Wish I could be there, I’d love to have a Maggot shirt!

  3. Tony

    Sorry I will not make it to Heroescon Meghan. Caught up with things here at home. Been kind of crazy! Maybe next year.

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