Light And Dark
May 20th, 2010

Light And Dark

My imagination has been running wild lately. … I really need to go catch it. (Yes. I had to throw that pun out there before anyone else does.)

I’ve been working on some different convention related things lately.  I’ll try to post some of what I’ve been up to on Saturday.


  1. GBeans

    I love the colours on these past few pages. Wish I knew what was going on though. Hurry up Jared, reveal for us!

  2. JammerLea

    Um, I think somehow the previous page got deleted? D:

  3. Meggyc

    GBeans - This is going to make (at least some) sense soon.I promise!

    Jammer - Thanks for letting me know. It must have been deleted when I uploaded this page. I have re-uploaded it.

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