April 12th, 2010


Jared leads a somewhat traumatizing life, doesn’t he?

For anyone who is still confused about this strange series of events, pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. The one disadvantage of making a Web-comic that updates is in the pacing, It’s not such a big deal for a first time reader who may come into the story later on, but for current/regular readers looking for the next update, I guess you’re stuck looking at the here and now. It’s possible that there are some hints to this current story in a recent story arch. It’s easy to forget details that happened thirty pages ago.


  1. Tony

    They really have to stop using “All the colors of the Wind!” Because this is the result, lol!

  2. Rodjah

    woah - like that Twilight Zone ep. “Little Girl Lost”
    <3 Richard Matheson!

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