March 25th, 2010


Uh-oh. Perhaps there’s a reason why frogoblims aren’t meant to sleep.

I have a sort of unwritten rule in place not to shade frogoblims according to the light/shadows that the other characters are bound to, but panel two is a bit different because Maggot is practically the source of the light.


  1. Pandora01

    :o I hope Maggot’s not hurt!

  2. Pandora01

    ^Y’s my comment smilie smiling? It’s supposed to be gasping -.-

  3. waywardjam

    Ooooh, intriguing. There’s always been one thing I was hoping to see, but I’m not sure if this is it, or if you’d ever do that. So many possibilities, just hope it’s nothing bad!

  4. Tony

    Oh No! Future events foretold!!!!!!! Future plot, yay!

  5. Meggyc

    Pandora01 - Aww, don’t smile at Maggot’s misfortune! Heheh. Those smilies are weird anyway. I’m not sure what expression that smilie has, honestly.

    waywardjam - I’m not sure if this will be what you’re expecting, but I hope you enjoy the ride anyway.

    Tony - Yay for plot!

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