Great Timing
February 22nd, 2010

Great Timing

Maggot is back! Either she has really bad timing or she has great timing for bringing misery to Jared. Poor Jared is never going to get any sleep now!

Maggot’s appearance isn’t changed by her surroundings, which means even though the room is dark, she is not in shadows.

I wish I had a Maggot night-light. That would be so much fun!


  1. Tony

    Maggot, let’s play a game, I know how much you love games! This is called, close your eyes and whoever keeps them closed till the suns up wins! LOL!

  2. Samantha

    I’m just so happy Maggot and Jared are back together! Hahaahh

  3. KC

    LMAO YAY They are back together! XD Poor Jared has been all worried.

  4. bluesub6

    YAY now time for hugs? X3

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