A Bad Thing
November 9th, 2009

A Bad Thing

I’m looking forward to getting back to Jared in our next story line. It’s been a while since we last saw him back in June.


  1. Pandora

    Yeah, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Jared. Also I can understand where Maggot is going with this, I didn’t grow up with a lot of friends either *sad violin music plays* so your 1st friend is really special *punches violin musician*

  2. shadow

    OW!!! why did you hit me!?…*plays sad violin music for self* :(…

  3. Pandora

    cause I didn’t ask for any1 to do any drama. That’s my department XD

  4. shadow

    ok .. ok just dont hit me again*puts on hard spiky hat and spiky armor* :P

  5. Pandora

    Rofl I’ll give ya a heads up when I feel like smacking people around XD

  6. shadow

    ok XD

  7. bluesub6

    NO Maggot it’s ok to want friends! Everyone should have at least one. X3

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