October 8th, 2009



  1. Lord Zeon

    Hahaha, Maggot does look a little too triumphant there about biting Jared. I don’t suppose it takes sort of skill to bite people and turn them in to frogoblim, does it?

  2. GBeans

    Haha, I love that little moment of triumph! So cute.

    By the way, quiet reminder (for both of us) that you opted into my ‘free publicity’ thread on twcl, if you’re still interested at being pimped at a UK con, have a read of the dimensions and get back to me. :)

  3. Tony

    I would be just as excited and proud if I said I bit someone! lol! I think…

  4. Kat

    Kind of random, but I’m really digging the subtle light effects from the campfire.

    And Maggot seems a little too happy about that…

  5. Meggyc

    Thanks, everyone!

    There’s no real reason for her to be triumphant. She’s just easily pleased, really.

    GBeans: Oh! Thanks for the reminder! I’ll try to get something to you ASAP.

  6. GBeans

    Some day you have to market Maggot plushes and they *have* to come with that victory pose.

  7. Pandora01

    Lol how Maggot said that was so cute…and creepy :p

  8. Sydney

    I love Maggot’s expression on “I bit him!” I had to say it aloud. Haha

  9. Emma

    So did I!

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