October 5th, 2009



  1. waywardjam

    I’d love to here Maggot’s explanation of who Jared is! I’m thinking it will be much more flattering than Harper’s.

  2. GBeans

    Oh no, Maggot’s not going to be upset again, is she?
    And I want to see what Jared’s doing whilst this is going on. :D

  3. Meggyc

    waywardjam - Hah! I’d say before this storyline took place, you’d be right. But Harper can now probably sympathize more with Jared after seeing what a handful Maggot is.

    GBeans - Maggot’s way of thinking is rather short term. She probably forgot about being upset the moment she started thinking about food.

  4. Samantha

    YAY! Jared! and LOL at food being distracting to Maggot.

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