Hiding Out
September 21st, 2009

Hiding Out

I finished coloring! Yay!

This page is a lot more blue than I intended it to be. But it’s night time, so I suppose it would be too dark to notice the true colors of this particular area.


  1. KC

    Its nice to see the ink work. The line work you have is nice. I don’t really notice it as much when its colored. Though I have to say I like colored comics better. XD

  2. Meggyc

    Thanks, KC!

    I like comics in color, but there are some that are done so well in black and white that adding color would ruin them. Or at least, in those cases, color is not needed. I love reading comics with great inks.

    I hope that the use of color in my comics isn’t some kind of crutch. I hope that the art is nice to look at even without color.

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