Epic Fail
September 3rd, 2009

Epic Fail

There will not be a comic up this Saturday (and probably next Saturday as there’s a chance I may be out of town). I just wanted to let everyone know in advance. At any rate, there will be something for those of you who stop by to see.

On another note, I’ve been on a sort of creative boost as far as writing for the comic. Hopefully, there will be some fun and exciting stuff coming up. At least, I’m looking forward to drawing it!


  1. Forewarned76

    I still say it would have just been easier for Maggot to bite them

  2. Meggyc

    It might have been easier, but there are reasons it would be a bad idea.

  3. Tony

    Ah, classic your in the jail cell now fool! LOL!

  4. Forewarned76

    I meant Harper and her dad btb

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