Update Again
August 10th, 2009

Update Again

Once again, I’m sorry for the recent lack of updates.  I’m still in a position in which I’m not sure if it will happen again,  but updating this comic and meeting deadlines is very important to me.

I do feel I should warn that the next few pages feature peril and mild violence. It’s nothing that you haven’t seen if you’ve ever watched an animated Disney movie, which is about as intense as this comic is ever going to be.


  1. Lord Zeon

    Aww, you mean Filtered Fuzz isn’t all that violent or dangerous? Shucks, and I thought it was just warming up…

  2. Tony

    Maggot’s a Vampire! They all are vampire’s! loL! INTENSE!

  3. GBeans

    Welcome back! :D It’s good to see a new page.

  4. Rina

    You forgot the hores’ forelocks.

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