Shuffle Shuffle
July 20th, 2009

Shuffle Shuffle

Believe it or not, tomorrow, July 21 is the one year anniversary of this comic going live. On some levels, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year, and on others, it seems like an eternity.

I’m in an uneasy position right now. This is the last comic I have at the moment. I don’t have anything else colored… or inked… or penciled for that matter. I’ve got nothing in my comic buffer. I’m going to try to make this work though. I have yet to decide, but I may take this week off as far as posting the comic, and hopefully I will find time to work on the comic.  I don’t want to fall behind or come off as being sloppy or unprofessional by not posting.


  1. SEA

    Don’t worry, most of we can wait. =p (just not too long though XD)

  2. waywardjam

    Happy Anniversary! In honor of one year’s worth of hard work, you should take a week off. Whether you spend that time relaxing or getting ahead is up to you. ;-)

    I’m glad you mentioned anniversaries, I’m less than a month out from my site’s two-year anniversary. I should probably decide if I want to post something special for it.

  3. Lord Zeon

    While I happen to agree with Ryan Sohmer of LICD fame as to his philosophy on considering a webcomic a job (Basically if you want to call yourself an actual professional artist/writer, work your ass off and prove it). However I suspect FF is more of a hobby for you. As such, take whatever time that you need/want. We’ll wait around ’til whenever you’re ready. :)

  4. GBeans

    Happy comic anniversary!

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