Cool Beans
July 13th, 2009

Cool Beans

Short answer: Yes, obviously he can see her. How? I guess you’re going to have to keep reading to find out.

Does anyone ever even use the phrase “Cool beans”? I know people who do. I always thought it was cute and just a funny thing to say.


  1. Sydney

    Ooh! Ooh!! Does it have something to do with his red eyes? Or did he get bitten?!

  2. Artemis

    I bet he got bitten or he’s using his special old people powers! XD (no offense to old people lol)

  3. Lord Zeon

    I use “cool beans” on occasion, but not very often; relatively speaking. I prefer “sweet” more, to be honest.

  4. Samantha

    I sure do say “cool beans!” along with “Neato Mosquito”…I’m very square. (and old, but no offense taken, Artemis.)

  5. waywardjam

    It took me a few weeks, but I’ve caught up with Maggot’s adventures. Cool Beans! It’s been fun reading since you hooked me at HeroesCon. Great meeting you there, btw.

    Ever see the movie Hot Rod? They have a great little ‘Cool Beans’ exchange. Since seeing that, I’ve found myself using it more often than I thought I ever would!

  6. Lord Zeon

    I have a sneaking suspicion that those red eyes of his are juice-covered contact lenses.

  7. Tony

    Hey Meghan, this page…IS COOL BEANS! lol!

  8. Meggyc

    Thanks, everyone!

    Sydney, Artemis, and Lord Zeon - I’m not saying anything to confirm or deny your suspicions. But there’s some good speculation going on.

    Samantha - Neato Mosquito? That’s awesome. XD

    waywardjam - It’s wonderful to see people from HeroesCon stop by and comment. I apprecieate it! I’m glad to know you’ve had fun reading the comic so far. I hope you continue to read and enjoy.

    I’ve never seen the movie you mentioned, but the ‘Cool Beans’ exchange sounds fun. Heheh.

    Tony - Cool beans!

  9. GBeans

    I was thinking maybe contact lenses from when I first saw him. Either way it’s a great character design!

  10. Lord Zeon

    Ah, and it also looks like he has some kind of hearing aid on. Didn’t notice it earlier; kinda looks like his hair. That’s probably how he can hear Maggot too.

  11. waywardjam

    It is a wild scene.

    And yes, this is exactly how the scene plays in Hot Rod!

    Also, I’m w/ Lord Zeon on the hearing aid suspicions. I can’t wait to find out if we’re right.

  12. Meggyc

    waywardjam - Heheh! I saw the clip. That was really weird in a hilarious way.

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