June 4th, 2009


I was thinking about something funny when I drew this. I didn’t realize how much of a downer this page would be. Of course Harper and the audience know Jared is okay, but Maggot doesn’t so she is genuinely upset.


  1. Twisty

    Wahh, poor Maggot. :c

    I think you did a great job illustrating her here.

  2. Meggyc

    Thanks, Twisty. I don’t get to draw Maggot sad much so it was interesting to draw.

  3. GBeans

    It probably sounds awful, but you are incredibly good at drawing sad Maggot.

  4. GBeans

    By the way, about the poll… I think Jared’s perceived age is based on the age/experiences of the reader. I see him as a 20 to 21 year old, because I once dated a lad who was surprisingly similar at his age.
    People with kids who look like Jared, or older siblings would probably place him at a different point. He’s a very versatile design.

  5. Meggyc

    Thanks, GBeans. :D

    I agree that Jared’s age can be different to different people. The reason I started that poll is that I honestly never gave him an age and I was wondering what the audience’s opinions were. I write for him with the thought that he is between high school and college age and stuck in a small town while most of his peers have moved on. That doesn’t mean anything though. Sometimes, I think of him as younger and other times I think of him as older. It’s not that I am trying to be inconsistent with his character. I just like the idea of different people having different opinions on the same character.

    And that’s kind of awesome that you dated someone similar to him. Heheh.

  6. bluesub6

    Oh for goodness sake Harper!

    Give Maggot a hug and comfort her or something!

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