May 23rd, 2009


Here’s a fun fact: I pencil and ink panel borders ahead of time. This particular one was an experiment which I nearly threw out, but I am not one to waste paper if I don’t have to so I decided to use it for this page.


  1. Artemis

    Surprise! XD

  2. Lord Zeon

    The panel layout is interesting… A little too much white space, I think, but it’s still okay. If you want to see panel layouts that are just plain crazy, read the Hob series at

  3. Kat

    Good thing she had those glasses on, or she’d be really confused about the haunted suitcase bouncing around!

    …I’m guessing she’s in for a few stares from passers-by now…

  4. bluesub6

    I hope Maggot’s okay.

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