April 25th, 2009


Honestly, I was going to have an “EARLIER THAT MORNING” caption, but that would have been extremely tacky.  Honestly, I just wanted to show where Maggot was. This page follows this page.

This particular page relies on color. Otherwise, I don’t believe the timing would have come across in the same way.


  1. Pumpkin

    Poor Meggot, worrying so much for Jared. And he doesn’t even need help anymore..

  2. Kat

    Wow, she sat still for that long? She must really be worried about him!

  3. Tony

    It goes to show you that even though their friendship just started, Maggot really cares for him. And I’m sure Jared does as well!

  4. bluesub6

    Oh no! please don’t let Maggot cry.

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