March 2nd, 2009


I liked drawining this page. Plus, I finally think I may have gotten the hang of coloring Jared’s hair.


  1. Lord Zeon

    I’ve always wondered. As a total washout artist I’ve never really known, but during the whole process of drawing, inking, and coloring, how do you see the final product? Do you have everything pictured in your head, or do you just have an idea of what you think looks good, and then get it down through trial and error?

  2. Meggyc

    Truthfully, the whole process has been really organic for me. I do know where the story is going and I have a plan, but normally, page per page, anything can happen. I do thumbnail smaller versions of the finished product sometimes, especially when I just don’t know what to draw or if I am having trouble with the overall composition, but lately, I’ve just been drawing whatever my mind wants me to.

    For example, I may know what’s going to happen on a page, but I may not know what the panel layouts and HOW I will get from point A to point B when I start drawing the page.

    Also, I work around when I am drawing a page. Where some artists may pencil an entire page before moving on to inks, I may start a page by penciling the last panel and then jumping to panel two and then inking before I’m done with the pencils. It just depends on my mood. It may seem chaotic, but the process works for me.

  3. Lord Zeon

    Interesting. I suspect how everyone puts things together and draws is uniquely their own method, as I think it depends very much on how the artist thinks. I also suspect that from your drawing style/method one could draw many conclusions about you as a person, or at least how you think.

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