Begging Is Good
February 12th, 2009

Begging Is Good

Way to stand up for yourself, Jared!


  1. Tony

    AH, ya wimp! HA HA!

  2. Samantha

    ROFL! (and ROFL @Tony above). I think my family wouldn’t object to Jared being a cute critter forever! HAHAHAH (Like that his hairdo survived the xformation, too. *grin*)

  3. Meggyc

    Aww, Tony, he’s not a wimp! He’s just– wait. I guess he is.

    Heheh. I do not think being stuck as a frogoblim forever would go over well with poor Jared.

    I think it’s funny how his “hair” still has the pink streaks in it after he dyed it blue. (As it was here: )

  4. Ronts

    Oh, he knows the proper time to grovel. Nothing wrong with that. (’specially when the other party didn’t kick ye in “puntable size”)

  5. Meggyc

    Heheh! That is very true, Ronts!

  6. Lord Zeon

    Hehehe, puntable size. I like it. Jared is most definitely a wimp, though a job is always good too.

  7. Meggyc

    All this talk of Jared being puntable size is cracking me up. Heh! Poor Jared.

  8. Dave

    I hope it’s a well-paid job! Otherwise, there’s no way Jared will be able to keep up with Maggot’s appetite!

  9. Meggyc

    That’s true! At least, I don’t think he’d have much money left over after feeding her.

  10. bluesub6

    I love the way Jared seems to insist on walking on two legs even though it’s obvious that Frogoblims are meant to walk on four.

    It shows great attention to detail by the author.

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