February 9th, 2009


I’ll be candid.

I try to pencil and ink these pages months in advance. That way, I don’t fall behind.

After the fact, I admit this story line had me in major art and writing fatigue. I was glad to get away from it. For a while after this, I felt as though I was having trouble writing for Harper and Celeste. Harper especially was a problem for me. I knew that Celeste was a smart, ambitious kid, but Harper didn’t seem to have a voice. I didn’t know who she was. I am glad to say that I have since overcome this, I believe, as I have had more and more ideas bubble in my head. They both seem more natural and likable to me now. Though I haven’t begun the next storyline they will be appearing yet, I do have some plans that I hope everyone will enjoy.

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  1. bluesub6

    Those horns of his sure are flexible.

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