Just Jared
January 17th, 2009

Just Jared

I’m on vacation and taking a break from the regular schedule for the next week, so if you dislike seeing the fourth wall broken, don’t come back until the 26th. Until then, play nice while I’m gone.


  1. Tony

    HA! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  2. SEA

    Not having a good day is he? :p

  3. Dave

    Hi - just found your comic for the first time. You’re doing a really impressive job. Site looks great as well. I’ll definately be checking this one out.

  4. Jammer Lea

    If she kisses him, will he become a princeoblim? (kidding)

  5. Tony

    Vacation!? Where ya going? Is it to late for me to tag along? lol! I need a vacation!

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